External Grants

External Grants


Associated Students, Incorporated, (ASI) is committed to creating an active and engaged campus community at Sacramento State. Our goal of fostering campus life can only be met through the combined efforts of various programs and organizations throughout campus. Each fiscal year ASI allocates funds, which are to be disbursed to those on-campus programs that are dedicated to our common goal of serving the students.

External Grant Application 2020-2021Due December 13, 2019 by 5:00 PM

Important Notices

Starting with the 2020-21 ASI External Grant Application, all applicants will be REQUIRED to obtain their assigned Sacramento State Vice President’s signature approval, prior to being considered for funding. Please allow sufficient time to obtain the signature. Applications submitted without this signature will not be considered.

Additionally, starting with the 2020-21 ASI External Grant Application, all applicants will be required to demonstrate via the Final Year End Report efforts made to support and promote ASI to the student body. Efforts may include co-marketing, distributing ASI information to students, or coordinating with ASI Board Members to deliver ASI presentations to the programs and/or students. Failure to report it or convey it in the Final End Year Report may result in ineligibility to receive future ASI External Grant funding.

Please Note: Save the application to your hard drive prior to filling in. PDFs are most compatible with Internet Explorer or Safari. PDFs not compatible with Google Chrome. When opening the External Grant Application from a Mac computer, please save before filling out, then re-open the saved document with Adobe Acrobat (Mac’s Preview Application will NOT save data), complete, save, confirm document is not blank, then email. If you have any questions, please call (916) 278-6784.

2020/21 Funding

Grant Recipient


Active Minds/ Mental Health Program


Career Tracks


Center for African Peace & Conflict Resolution (CAPCR)


College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)


Commit to Study


Community Engagement Center


Dreamer Resource Center


Faculty Student Mentor Program


Festival of New American Music


First-Year Advising (FYA)  $4,899

First Year Experience: Co Curricular Retention (PEAK)


First Year Experience: The FYE Space


Full Circle Project


Fund your Future with Financial Aid


GE Honors Program


Guardian Scholars Program


Guest Artist Series: Master Class, Workshops with Professional Artists


Hornet Nights


Hornets Help


Kadema Galleries


Law Enforcement Candidate Scholars’ Program


Leadership Initiative Student Assistants (SO&L)


Learning Communities/Student Academic Success (EOP)


MLK Center


PAL Program


Peer and Academic Resource Center (PARC)


Peer Mentor Program (FYE)


Project HMONG


Project Rebound


 ProjectAttain  $2,939

Sacramento State Strings Project


 School of Nursing Teaching Assistant Program  $980

Science Educational Equity Program


Services to Students with Disabilities


Summer Bridge Academy (EOP)


UNIQUE – Cultural Affairs




Budget Funding Principles

The ASI, Finance & Budget Committee will take the following principles into consideration when selecting programs to be considered for funding for the next fiscal year. The Committee understands that requests will not necessarily meet all funding principles. These guidelines are designed to assist the individual(s) preparing requests to support the goals of Associated Students, Inc. These principles are of equal value.

A. Strategic Priorities. The program aligns with and strengthens the ASI Board’s Strategic Priorities, which can be found here.

B. Quality of Monetary Usage. Funding is spent in a quality manner that benefits students and promotes sustainability efforts on campus.

C. Number of Sacramento State students served will be taken into consideration.

D. Outcome of Program. Program shows that it achieves all of its goals and mission.

E. Promoting academic achievement, retention, professional development and/or career placement.

F. Promoting diversity and strengthening campus cultural relations. Program works towards and achieves campus unification.

G. Creating on-campus jobs for students.

H. Supporting established programs which have existed for 3 years or more or a new program that shows promise.

I. Level of Innovation. Ground breaking, radical, and completely original programming. An innovative pilot project is one that has been in existence for no more than two (2) years.

J. Program efficiency. Show evidence of collaboration with other campus programs/services.

Budgeting Policies

The following are on-going practices that the Committee will be mindful of when making their External Grant recommendations for the overall annual ASI budget.

  1. ASI External Grant support is expected to be used in an efficient and effective manner according to the grant recipient’s stated purpose and Grant funding principles.
  2. Budget allocations will take into consideration the current fiscal constraints of the overall University Budget and the ASI Budget.
  3. Applicants that have received funding the prior year must have turned in their final program report by July 31, 2019 to the ASI Director of Finance and Administration Mark Montalvo at montalvo@csus.edu. If the program report was not received, applicants may not be eligible to apply for External Grants for the 2020-2021 funding year.
  4. For grants awarded in the 2019-2020 funding year, if part of the funding requested is to fund student assistant positions, the final report must also include the University Payroll Detail Report and the Financial Data Warehouse report to account for the student wages used during that fiscal year.
  5. ASI External Grant support is not intended to be a long-term sole source of support. Programs that have received two (2) consecutive years of ASI funding will be expected to have significant funding from other sources, providing a realistic plan for long-term program support for self-sufficiency.
  6. Programs that serve more than the student body will be expected to use Associated Students’ funds to provide substantially lower fees to student participants while ensuring that faculty, staff and general public fees are self-supporting.
  7. Programs that are granted ASI funding must provide acknowledgment of the source of funds and the ASI logo on all printed promotional material prepared for the program.
  8. ASI funding will not support stipends, faculty release time or faculty research.
  9. Please note that starting with the fiscal year 2019-20 External Grants, all student assistant positions funded by grant proceeds will no longer be employed by Associated Students, Inc. All student assistants will be employed by the University.
  10. California Government Code Section 11139.8 prohibits the use of “state funds”, which include the ARA and SAD grants, for travel to the states listed on the CA state travel ban list. ARA and SAD grants will, therefore, not be approved for travel to the following states: Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas. (The complete list of affected states is maintained on the California State Attorney General’s website).

For questions please contact: (916) 278-6784.