Frequently Asked Questions


If your question is not answered with the FAQs below, don’t hesitate to contact the ASI Government Office in University Union – Room 3250 or e-mail the Elections Officer, Tyler Gardner at

What Are The Requirements to Run for Office?

Each applicant will be notified by the ASI Executive Director if they have met eligibility requirements, as determined by the Vice President of Student Affairs Office.  You may contact them in Lassen 3008.

There are a number of eligibility criteria such as grade point average (GPA), residency units, and “good standing” status that are evaluated by the Vice President of Student Affairs Office to determine if Sac State students may run for student government positions. Eligibility may be difficult for a student to assess for themselves with certainty.

Checklists for Eligibility

College Directors

President and Executive Officers

Can I Run for The Director Position of the College I’m Thinking of Changing To?

To run for your college seat, you must have a declared major in that particular college when you turn in the packet. For example, if University records show that you are still majoring in Sociology but you’re thinking of declaring your major as Criminal Justice, you can’t run for the College of Health and Human Services and instead must run for the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Where Can I Find the Election Application?

You can access the Candidate Election Application for ASI Presidential Ticket or the Candidate Election Application for Independent Candidate from the ASI website,, or through CSUS Presence -Hornet Hub. You must fill out the application with your SacLink account before the deadline, March 8th, by 4:00 pm.

Lastly, you must attend a Mandatory Candidate Workshop before the application deadline, March 8th by 4:00 pm.  The same workshop will be offered a number of days and times, but you must attend only one.

Is There a Cost to Run for Office?

Candidates who are running for office have the option to expend funds to support their campaign efforts.  You are not expected to spend any money for campaigning. This is based on your personal decision. The ASI Elections Code sets the following limits:

Presidential Tickets have a spending limit for campaigning of $500.
Independent Candidates have a spending limit for campaigning of $350.

There are very detailed requirements regarding campaigning, campaign expenditures and reporting.  It is important you follow all requirements detailed in the ASI Elections Code .  It is the candidate’s responsibility to submit a Campaign Expenditure Report Form even if he/she did not spend any money on campaigning.

Independent Candidate -Campaign Expenditure Form
Presidential Ticket - Campaign Expenditure Form

ASI does offer a grant for students seeking to run for office. ASI will award up to 10 grants, each worth up to $125 reimbursement of campaign expenses. The purpose of this grant is to promote and acknowledge students who are active and involved in the Sac State Campus Community. This grant will reduce fiscal barriers to students seeking to run for office in ASI Elections. The ASI Election Grant may only be utilized for items that must be claimed on the Campaign Expenditure report form and meet all ASI Election Code Standards. Students may apply for the 2024 ASI Election Grant in their candidate application.

How Do I Know Which Candidates are Running for Office?

As candidates are approved as “eligible to run for office” their names and the positions they are running for will be posted on the ASI elections website. Additionally, candidates’ names will be drawn during the ASI Ballot Draw Event and later will be placed on the ASI website in the same order they will appear on the official ballot.

How Do I Vote?

Although you can vote online at from any computer from 8:00am April 10th through 7:30pm April 11th.

When Can I Get The Election Results?

The election results are announced the last day of elections after the polls have been closed and total number of votes counted. You will also be able to find the results on the ASI Website