Safe Rides

Safe Rides


Safe Ride’s goal is to help reduce DUI incidents and encourage safe transportation by providing students financial reimbursement for rideshare trips. Sac State students can request up to $40 cash back (until funds last) per semester for rides taken from rideshare services, taxis, and public transportation. The Safe Rides program also allows students to claim cash back for SMOG checks, and vehicle safety inspection fees. 

ASI is not liable for any incidents associated with the rides or services performed on your vehicle. Students are taking rides and using vehicle inspection services at their own risk. ASI does not guarantee reimbursements for all rides, SMOG checks or vehicle services. Requests must have proper documentation and will only be reimbursed until the max amount of allotted funds per semester is reached. If you have any questionsplease reach out to us.

Step 1

Take a ride in the United States using any ride sharing program of your choice. Or complete a SMOG/Vehicle Safety Inspection from a CA licensed service provider. Must pay with a valid credit/debit card issued in your name. Ride or service must be within the current semester.

Step 2

Get a receipt listing all trip details in one image that must include: the date/time of the ride, pick up and drop off locations, the cost of the ride, and the last four digits of the card used. For Smog Checks & Vehicle Safety Inspections: receipt must show the business’s name and contact information, date of service, type of service, cost (including tax) and the last 4 digits of your valid debit/credit card. 

Step 3

Fill out the Safe Rides cash back form and upload an image of the receipt and your debit/credit card used to pay (with only last four digits and name shown). 

Step 4

Receive an email when your reimbursement is processed and ready to be mailed out to you.