About Us

I Work. I Learn. I Play. I am ASI.


Our Mission

As the recognized voice of Sacramento State students, we enrich lives through experiential learning, student services, and leadership opportunities.

Our Vision

Be the model student association that creates an empowered community where all can work, learn, and play.

Our Values

Excellence In Service

  • We strive to deliver high quality service and representation.
  • We are intentional about the programs, services, and opportunities we provide.
  • We promote ethical and fiscal integrity and accountability.
  • We collaborate with community partners to provide quality programs.

Culture Of Inclusivity

  • We embrace an environment where all people can thrive.
  • We honor and celebrate our differences.
  • We treat all with respect and dignity.
  • We offer resources to address and meet the needs of our diverse student population.

Operational Sustainability

  • We stay current with laws, technology, and practices to manage resources responsibly.
  • We set high standards for communication, collaboration, and accountability.
  • We promote high morale with training and open mindedness.

Personal Wellness And Development

  • We embrace a culture of wellness and balance.
  • We promote mentorship of both staff and students.
  • We foster personal growth and fulfillment through connection building.

Enriching Experiences And Relationships

  • We encourage the building of meaningful memories and relationships.
  • We value active interpersonal engagement through hands-on learning activities.
  • We lead by example.

Planning & Assessment

Each year all ASI departments prepare a list of strategic priorities for the year, as well as revisit their long-term strategic priorities. Below you will find current and prior year strategic plans. At the end of each academic year ASI prepares an annual report which reviews the successes from the prior year and highlights new initiatives and programs.

2023-2024 Strategic Priorities
2022-2023 Annual Report

ASI Overview 2023 ASI Overview



​Audited Financial Statements

Below you will find audited financial statements and supplemental information for Associated Students of California State University, Sacramento.




Each year ASI prepares a fiscal year budget for its programs and services. The fiscal year begins on July 1.


ASI Human Resources

Associated Students Human Resources exists to provide strategic and organizational support to the more than 200 employees who work for ASI.