65th Anniversary

65 years of Associated Students, Inc.


It is an honor to celebrate Associated Students, Inc. at Sacramento State’s (ASI) 65th Anniversary.   ASI is an organization with a robust and storied history rooted in supporting and serving the students of Sacramento State. This timeline provides a small glimpse of the incredible work that Sacramento State students have accomplished and the programs they have built over the years. 

Repeatedly, students have recognized a need and have risen to meet it. From actively championing the need for and the creation of the ASI Children’s Center to support student parents in 1972 to once again recognizing the rise in food insecurity on campus and creating a food pantry that now provides fresh food and produce to students five days a week.   ASI also recognized the need to meet students’ recreational needs by creating Mountain Wolf Sports, which is Peak Adventure’s precursor and supporting the creation of the Sacramento State Aquatic Center over the years.

As Sacramento State students’ needs continue to evolve and change, ASI will continue to uplift the student voice through its tireless advocacy work to address these needs.  You can count on ASI and its student board of directors to work diligently to meet and surpass students’ need by creating programming and programs that enhance the student experience. 

Please spend some time exploring this timeline – a journey through 65 years of service to the Sacramento State student community. 


Samantha Elizalde, ASI President and CEO, 2021-22

Sandra Gallardo, Executive Director