2020 Elections Ambassadors


2020 Election Ambassadors are ASI volunteers who will share the importance of registering to vote, being informed on the candidates and propositions and taking action to vote in the November 3 election.   

Their key goals will include:

  • Registering eligible voters
  • Sharing the importance of voting.
  • Encouraging attendance at virtual voter education events on our campus and community.
  • Supporting “get out the vote” efforts up to Election day – November 3, 2020.

Questions on our program?  Please email Lisa Dalton at Lisa.Dalton@csus.edu

Click on a name below to see the 2020 Election Ambassadors!

Saray Aguirre

Sociology Major


#WhyHornetsVote: I vote because I care. I care about my loved ones and the issues on the ballot not only affect my family but my community. It is my way of practicing my civic engagement and standing up for those who don’t have the privilege to vote.


Arturo Luna Ambriz

Political Science Major


#WhyHornetsVote: I vote because of my voice matters. I vote because a change in our communities is essential. I vote because of mental health resources in schools matter. I vote because I am the first in my family ever to vote; and I vote too because it is my right!


Sarah Bennett

Communications (Public Relations) + Political Science Major


#WhyHornetsVote: I vote to exercise my right to elect representatives that will work to build an inclusive democracy that represents all people, and that will build a political system to which I believe will create a better future for our children. 


Maribel Betancourt

School Counseling Master’s Program


#WhyHornetsVote: I vote to represent those who can’t and be able to support individuals and propositions that reflect what my community needs.


Ellen J. Bezanson

Political Science Major


#WhyHornetsVote: I vote because it’s an opportunity for change and my vote can affect the direction our country takes. Plus, not voting is giving up my voice for who I want to represent me. 


Alejandro A. Buenrostro

Public Health (concentration in Community Health Education) Major


#WhyHornetsVote: I vote because it is my civic duty to my communities, especially those that are underrepresented. By voting, we shape the government that will shape the lives of everyone on a local, state, and national scale, but it all starts with one person, YOU. 


Lauren Burke

Communications – Public Relations Major


#WhyHornetsVote: I vote to make progressive changes in my community.


Nohely Diaz

Political Science, International Relations Major; Criminal Justice & Peace and Conflict Resolution Double Minor


#WhyHornetsVote: I vote because I find it to be important to provide my input on topics and issues that have the capability of impacting those around me and myself. Voting gives me the ability to make a personal decision in hopes that it will be adopted at a higher level. 


Samantha A. Elizalde

Political Science Major


#WhyHornetsVote: I vote for those who cannot vote and to elect leaders that I feel represent the people.


Dulce K. Flores-Ortiz

Criminal Justice and Social Work Double Major


#WhyHornetsVote: I encourage others to vote to be the voice for those who can’t.


Consuelo Gonzalez-Vizcarra

Political Science Major


#WhyHornetsVote: I encourage others to vote because voting is not only a right but a privilege as it affects the daily lives of those who can’t vote, such as myself. It is important to vote because people don’t realize how each vote counts and will determine the policies that will be enacted in the next few years and how this will affect the future generation of voters. Civic duty begins by voting and helping reach the next goal as a nation.


Anna G. Hollister

Political Science Major


#WhyHornetsVote: I want to engage my classmates, friends, and family to encourage 


Angelica I. Israel

Social Work Major


#WhyHornetsVote: I vote due to realizing that people in our generation can contribute to the community and doing our part by making a simple choice while we vote. It makes a huge difference when we all come together as a whole. Although we all have busy schedules, we all hold so much power to spread the message of people’s yearn for change.


Serafina Johnson

Political Science Major


#WhyHornetsVote: I vote so that I can actively say I am responsible for electing the officials who make our laws and in order to elect people who commit to deconstructing institutional and structural racism in this country. I encourage people to vote so they feel empowered and like they can make a real difference in government policies.


Tabusem Khan

Criminal Justice Major


#WhyHornetsVote – I vote because the policies put in place by those in power heavily impact the communities I care and advocate for. 


Abdul Tamim

Political Science and International Relations Major

First Year

#WhyHornetsVote: My vote is my voice as well as it is my moral and ethical responsibility to vote and elect my favorite leader to help our nation. My vote can end racial discrimination against people of color and immigrants.


Hiep D. Tran

History Major


#WhyHornetsVote: I vote and will encourage others to vote so that our country can truly represent our values. Regardless if your respective party is a majority or minority in the state, your vote matters! 


Baba D. Traore

Political Science- International Relations Major


#WhyHornetsVote: I vote because I want to make sure I exercise my civil right to make my community and the country a better place to live. I want to make sure that my opinion matters through voting.