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Dayforce Self Service

Dayforce Log In

Log-in Instructions

Username: Employee Number (this is a 6 digit number)

Initial Password: Your birth year followed by the word Login (example: 1980Login) be sure to use a capital “L” in login.

Employee Modules Overview

The homepage will provide you with your current leave availability, if applicable. You will also be able to view your earnings from this page. The homepage is the default page displayed when you log in and is customizable.

Profile and Settings: Contains your employee profile information, forms you will be able to submit to update contact and tax information, as well as, set your security questions to be able to reset your password. 

Benefits: Contain your current benefit elections, active enrollments, and benefits election history.

Earnings: You will find W-2’s, a compensation overview and earning statements.

Work: will be your go-to to authorize your timesheet, view and request time away as well as have access to a calendar view of upcoming holidays and paydays.