Election Complaints


General Information

1. A complaint may be filed by any eligible voter.

2. A complaint may be filed for a violation of any provision of the ASI Elections Code or the ASI Bylaws. A complaint may also be filed on any other grounds that allege that one or more candidates or ballot measures in an election was unfairly aided or hindered.

3. Elections Complaints shall be filed via the online ASI Election Complaint Form at any time during the campaign period as long as it is within five (5) academic days following the last day of voting. ASI 2024 Election Complaint Form(s) must be filed no later than Thursday, April 18, 2024, by 4:00 PM.

Filing Complaint(s)

Complaint(s) shall be filed online using the official ASI Elections Complaint Form. The completed form and required information shall be submitted via the individual’s SacLink account by the prescribed submission deadline. The official online submission shall serve as proof of receipt of the email correspondence, but not completion or eligibility of the complaint.

Upon filing a complaint, the complainant shall be required to file a twenty-five dollar ($25) deposit in the form of a check or money order. Each complaint submitted shall require a deposit, and no complaint filed shall be accepted by the Elections Complaint Committee without a deposit on file.

The Elections Complaint Committee shall have original jurisdiction to hear and rule on all complaints of violations of the ASI Elections Code. The Committee shall consist of three (3) student members appointed by the Vice President of Student Affairs after consultation with the ASI President in accordance with the ASI Bylaws. The Committee shall also include one faculty member recommended by the Faculty Senate and the Vice President for Student Affairs, or designee, shall serve as Chair of the Committee. Committee members are appointed for a one-year term. Student members appointed to the Committee may not be current members of the ASI Board, unless selected by the Committee for quorum purposes, per Elections Code Article IX, Section C.

File complaint through the link below: 

2024  ASI Election Complaints Form

Members of the 2024 Elections Complaint Committee

Four (4) Student Members

  • ​Chase Bowker
  • Thomas Nosler
  • Herman Melnyk
  • Rosa Colin Vasquez (part of the hearings)

One (1) Faculty Member

  • Stephen Jones

One (1) Student Affairs Designee

  • Jose Ballesteros

Filed Election Complaints

Any elections complaint and the complaint determination is found below.  

ASI Elections Complaint Hearing 5-08-2024

Complaint #1 (Withdrawn 5.2.2024)

Complaint #2

Complaint #3 (Allegation A)

Complaint #3 (Allegation B)

Complaint #4

Complaint #5

2024 Election Complaint Decisions

Election Complaint Decision #2

Election Complaint Decision #3

Election Complaint Decision #4

Election Complaint Decision #5