Megan Musico

Fellowship Teacher

Profile Children's Center

Before working at the Children’s Center, Megan was observing at the Children’s Center in Casa 1 for her CHDV 23: Observation and Assessment class, and it peaked her interest in working in the Early Childhood Education field. She applied and started working at the Children’s Center during the summer of 2019. Megan began as a student assistant 2 in Casa 1. She was able to gain experience working with all age groups from 6 months- 5 years old. Working with all age groups allowed her to gain more experience and knowledge, and she found it exciting to see children achieve and reach their developmental milestones. Megan moved over to Casa 3 where she was able to gain more leadership skills as a student assistant 3, then in the summer of 2021, she got promoted to student supervisor. In May 2021, Megan received her BA in child development and minoring in counseling. She is currently in grad school, which she is also majoring in child development. As of recently, Megan got promoted to fellowship teacher in September 2022.

The best thing about working at the Children’s Center is: building relationships with the children, families, and staff. The Children’s Center allowed Megan to make so many long-lasting friendships and connections, who she will cherish forever. She loves coming into work every day, getting greeted with hugs, and seeing the biggest smile on the children’s faces. Seeing them happy and achieve their goals lets her know she is doing something right as their teacher.