ASI Board Meeting Written Comment Submission


The Associated Student’s Inc. Board of Directors advocates for over 30,000 Sacramento State students. The Board meets regularly to discuss issues facing the student body, and participation by the greater student community is highly encouraged. In addition to Public Comment provided during each meeting, members of the public may submit written comments to the ASI Board of Directors and Advisors by sending an email here.

All comments MUST BE submitted by 5:00 PM the Monday prior to each Board Meeting.  The Board Meeting schedule is posted here.

The comments will be compiled and distributed to all ASI Board Members and Advisors prior to the meeting. All comments submitted after the deadline will be distributed prior to the next regular meeting.

If you wish your public comments to remain anonymous, please indicate this in your email, and the comment will be shared without an email/name attached.

Emailing the public comment is not intended to replace public comment period held during each Board Meeting and in no way precludes a person from also providing public comments during meetings.

Additionally, you may email your ASI College Directors or ASI Executives at any time. Contact information for the Board of Directors can be found here.