ASI Food Pantry Volunteer Opportunities

Post Elizabeth Villalobos

We have many volunteer opportunities each semester! Volunteer opportunities are available for both Sac State students and general public.  

You must be 18+ years old & meet current CSU Covid-19 vaccination requirements to volunteer.


  • Can earn credit for courses, including Service-Learning classes (when approved by instructor).
  • Can receive Leadership Initiative certificate credit (stocking & pop up only).
  • May complete hours for service-oriented Fraternities/Sororities/Clubs.
  • Participate in a community of individuals that want to better the lives of Sac State students in need.


Under direct supervision of the ASI Food Pantry Coordinator and Food Pantry Assistant, Food Pantry Volunteers support the mission of the ASI Food Pantry by donating valuable time and energy to help operate the pantry, communicate with student users, assist with stocking, and distribute food during Free Groceries Pop Ups. 

  • Stocking: Help us unload our food deliveries and stock our shelves! No prior training is necessary. Stocking Sign Up

  • Pop Up: Volunteer at the Free Groceries Pop Up events where produce & groceries are provided to Sac State students in need at no cost. Hands-on distribution. No prior training is necessary. Pop Up Sign Up