ASI Food Pantry Volunteer Opportunities

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  • Food Pantry Volunteers assist with stocking items, greeting students at check-in, organizing inventory, and distributing food during Free Groceries Pop Ups.

Volunteer opportunities are available for students and the general public.
You must :

  • Be 18+ years old.
  • Have proof of COVID-19 vaccination to volunteer whether you volunteer once or multiple times this academic year (September 2022 – May 2023).
  • Sign a volunteer waiver form (good until May 2023).
  • Attend a brief volunteer training session at your first shift with the Food Pantry Staff Team that will cover daily operations, goals for the day, and food insecurity basics.

Tracking Hours:

We track all volunteer hours and can provide volunteer hours verification receipts if you are seeking to:

  • Earn credit for courses, including Service-Learning classes (when approved by instructor).
  • Receive Leadership Initiative certificate credit.
  • Contribute hours for service-oriented Fraternities/Sororities/Clubs.

Not sure when you’d like to volunteer? Share your contact information with our team to receive more information on volunteering by clicking here!