Currently Employed Student Staff

Resources & FAQ for Current Staff


Monday Night Meetings – Fall 2023

Spring 2023
Meetings are mandatory for all classroom staff. Please make sure to arrive on time. They are held every other Monday from 6:15 - 8:15 pm here at the Children’s Center

  • Monday, 9/11/23
  • Monday, 9/18/23 6pm-9pm 9/18/23 New Hires Only (Via Zoom) 
  • Monday, 9/25/23
  • Monday, 10/9/23
  • Monday, 10/23/23
  • Monday, 11/6/23
  • Monday, 11/20/23
  • Monday, 12/4

What if I am sick/family emergency and cannot make it to my assigned work shift? 

  • If you need to call out of work for any reason, notify the FRONT DESK at (916) 278- 6216 as soon as you know you are unable to come to work.
    • You can leave a voicemail if you are calling before 7:30 am
  • Include your first/last name, your classroom, your shift, and the reason you’d like to put on your sub slip
  • Example: My name is John Doe, I am in Bambini 1, my shift is 7 am to 12 pm, and I am calling out Sick.

*If there is a Monday Night Meeting, remember that counts as a shift and you must notify if you will not be there. 

How do I log into Dayforce? or you can download the Dayforce app

Company: ASI

Username: Your 6 digit ASI employee number

How and When do I authorize my time in Dayforce? 

  • You would authorize your time in Dayforce any shift you work where you use the timeclock or when a supervisor has forecasted your hours. Due dates vary by semester and are posted next to all timeclocks, on the break room calendar, and online at:

Authorizing Time Punches- Desktop/Mobile Version

  1. Once you’ve clocked out for the day, you can authorize your shift. Log in to DayForce
  2. On the top left corner of the home screen, select the three line menu option (hamburger menu)
  3. Select ‘Work’ > Shift Details
  4. Go to the day you’d like to authorize; on the right side, there is an ‘authorize’ button
    -Click authorize shift
    -Click save at the bottom of the screen


Authorizing Time Punches- Time Clock Version

*This version will only show you one week at a time.

  1. Once you’ve clocked out for the day, you can authorize your shift. 
  2. Select “Punch Authorization” > log in with your employee ID number
  3. Select the day you wish to authorize and/or make any necessary comments
  4. Select the authorize button > Save


I forgot my username/ password/got locked out of my Dayforce account

  • Your username is your employee ID number; you can reset your password with Payroll or Human Resources. Provide them with your name and ID number. You can call them at (916) 278-3690.
  • You can also set up a security email to unlock your own account in Profile and Settings
    • Once logged in, go to Profile and Settings, then select Security
    • Create your own security questions and answers  in the event you cannot remember your password.

How do I update my contact information for payroll or sign up for direct deposit on Dayforce?

  • To update your contact information for payroll:
    • Log in to Dayforce, go to Profile and Settings, then select Profile
    • From there, you can edit and review your current contact information including; personal email, address, phone number, and emergency contacts
  • To sign up for direct deposit if you use the timeclock:
    • Log in to Dayforce, go to Profile and Settings, then select Forms
    • Under Personal Forms, in section 2, select Direct Deposit
    • You will need your Financial Institution’s information, your routing number, and your account number
      *It can take up to 2 pay periods to take effect

Where do I pick up my check?

  • If you use the timeclock, you would go to the Student Union, Student Shop on the third floor (You will need a photo i.d.)
  • ​Remember, you can always sign up for direct deposit!

How can I use my sick time?

 Input sick time through Dayforce.

1. If you are SICK, you can request your SICK LEAVE via Dayforce—after you have followed calling out procedures. If you qualified for CA sick leave and have a balance, you can requests CA sick leave through:


    • You can request your sick leave on the timeclocks by selecting the “Self Service” button on the bottom left corner, enter your employee ID, and select “Time Away” > use CA SICK 24
    • Log in to Dayforce :
      • Company : ASI       Username:  Your Employee ID
    •  From the menu on the upper left hand corner, select WORK
    •  Under WORK, select TIME AWAY > “Request New Time Off”
      • Use CA SICK 24

2. You must input your sick time before the current ASI pay period ends.

*You can always ask for clarification on using sick leave from the office staff or your supervisor.

How do I request time off?

  • Connect with your supervisor about taking time off and get a SUB SLIPfrom the front desk.
  • Your supervisor will approve/deny the time off and if approved, bring your signed sub slip to the front desk if your time off has been approved.

i work. i learn. i play. i am ASI.

  • The Children’s Center is part of a much larger student-run organization called, Associated Students Incorporated (ASI). As a student, you have access to all ASI programs, including events, resources, and other activities. Plan a trip, listen to some music, or join a committee!