NAEYC Accreditation


The Associated Students Children’s Center has earned national accreditation by NAEYC. The Children’s Center was evaluated by a professional early childhood specialist from the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs to determine if the program meets the national standards of quality early childhood services for young children and their families. The NAEYC is the nation’s largest organization for early childhood educators, and provides a process through which early childhood professionals and families can evaluate programs, compare them with professional standards, strengthen the program and commit to ongoing evaluation and improvement. This endorsement of quality is achieved by only 7% of children’s centers nationwide. More information about accreditation can be viewed at

NAEYC accredited programs have demonstrated a commitment to providing a high quality program for young children and their families. The purpose of NAEYC Accreditation is to improve the quality of care and education provided for young children throughout the United States. Our Children’s Center teaching staff are continually working to improve and strengthen the program in an effort to provide quality early care and education for the Sacramento State community.