About the Children's Center

About The Children’s Center


Here you’ll find information about us including our NAEYC accreditation, tours, student observations, and our food care program. 

The Children Center’s purpose is to create a community that supports Sacramento State Students to build brighter futures by providing high quality childcare, employment, and leadership opportunities in a wholesome learning environment.​

The Associated Students Inc Children’s Center is structured not as an institution but rather as an extension of the family – a support system existing in a home-oriented environment to meet a child’s emotional, physical, intellectual and social growth needs. We consider ourselves a family support service, dedicated to nurturing healthy people.

We are an equal opportunity provider.
LIC # 340306392 / LIC #340310907

The Center is located directly on the campus of California State University, Sacramento, nestled beneath a grove of stately redwood trees on State University Drive East.

What We Believe

  • Children and adults learn best where they are honored and respected and their individual needs are met in a caring and supportive environment.
  • Care for children must be individualized and co-created with families and caregivers.
  • Best practices are possible when families and caregivers collaborate.
  • Every person involved in our program is both a teacher and learner.

What We Are Committed To

  • Affordable, dependable and convenient child care for students families.
  • Student internships and employment which provide experience and build knowledge in early care and education, administration, and leadership.
  • Involvement with the campus community, valuing our on-going collaborations with many campus departments and groups
  • An exemplary program which models current principles and practice in child development.
  • An environment which celebrates diversity and respects individual needs and goals by providing an inclusive program.

Member Of Campus Community

We value community involvement, welcome participation, and involvement from families, friends, and the campus community. The Children’s Center strives to be an active part of ongoing events and activities around Sacramento State.

Through our continuous involvement and collaborations, we believe our children and their families develop an awareness and better appreciation of our diverse community.

About The Children’s Center

Food Program

The Children’s Center participates in the California Department of Education, Child Care Food Program. All meals are prepared at the Children’s Center using fresh ingredients and recipes from scratch. Meals served include: breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack and are included in childcare fees.


Since 1972, the ASI Children’s Center has been serving Sacramento State by providing affordable, convenient, and dependable childcare, student employment, fieldwork and internships, and observational learning opportunities.  Nationally Accredited by NAEYC, the Children’s Center takes pride in providing high-quality services and leadership development. All funds donated are used to continue the highest quality of care.