City Ambassadors


City Ambassadors is a program of the Office of Governmental Affairs and is comprised of Sacramento State students dedicated to bringing awareness to higher education issues, advocating on behalf of students, and registering students to vote in the state and national elections. 

City Ambassador Committee Objectives

  • Attend advocacy training provided by the Office of Governmental Affairs.
  • Research city wide issues that will affect students on the Sac State campus.
  • Table to increase Voter Registration on Sac State’s campus.
  • If possible, work Polling Booth on campus for State/National Elections.
  • Attend community events hosted by Assembly members, Senators and Representatives.
  • Meet with the Chambers of Commerce members, City Council members, etc.
  • Organize events on campus and in the Sacramento community promoting city issues.

For more information, on city programs and local businesses: Sacramento City Council

Why Should You Join City Ambassadors?

These services are great opportunities for students because you gain experience firsthand. Also, you will:

  • Gain research experience.
  • Make professional contacts.
  • Develop and improve public speaking skills.
  • Gain leadership skills.
  • Have a voice to improve higher education issues.
  • Be involved in the campus community.
  • Be involved with city issues.
  • Practice professionalism.

2022-2023 City Ambassador Meeting Dates

Fall Meetings (4:00pm) Location Minutes
September 15, 2022 Capital Room   Minutes
September 29, 2022 Capital Room   Minutes
October 13, 2022 Capital Room   Minutes
October 27, 2022 Capital Room   Minutes
November 10, 2022 Capital Room      Minutes 
December 8, 2022 Capital Room      Minutes



Spring Meetings (4:00pm) Location Minutes
February 9, 2023 Capital Room Minutes
February 23, 2023 Capital Room Minutes
March 9, 2023 Folsom Room Minutes
April 6, 2023 Capital Room Minutes
April 20, 2023 Capital Room Minutes
May 4, 2023 Cancelled  Minutes

How Do You Join City Ambassadors?

Involvement is open to all students from every major, year, and experience level. The only requirement is that you are a Sac State student interested in making a difference and having his or her voice heard.

  1. Complete committee interest form here.
  2. Choose which way you want to get involved.
  3. Choose which activities you are most interested in being a part of through City Ambassadors.
  4. Contact our Civic Engagement Coordinator at to figure out next steps.