Parental Advisory Council (PAC)


Unless otherwise noted, our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meets in The Children’s Center Conference Room from 12- 1 pm. All parents are welcome to attend.

2019- 2020 PAC Minutes Archive

02/04/2019 Meeting Agenda and  Minutes

03/04/2019 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

04/08/2019 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

05/06/2019 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

10/07/2019 Meeting Agenda and  Minutes

11/04/2019 Meeting Agenda and  Minutes

12/2/2019 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2/3/2020 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2/10/2020 SPECIAL Meeting Agenda and Minutes

3/2/2020 Meeting Agenda and  Minutes

4/13/2020 Meeting Agenda and  Minutes

2020-2021  PAC Minutes Archive

10/5/2020 Meeting Agenda and  Minutes

11/9/2020 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

12/7/2020 Meeting Agenda  and Minutes

2/1/2021 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

3/15/2021 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

4/12/2021 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

5/10/2021 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2021-2022 PAC Minutes Archives

10/4/2021 Meeting Agenda  and Minutes

11/8/2021 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

12/6/2021 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2/7/2022 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

3/7/2022 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

3/14/2022 SPECIAL Meeting Agenda and Minutes

4/4/2022 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

 5/2/2022 Meeting Agenda The May 2022 Meeting was canceled. The agenda was shared via email.

Upcoming Meetings

PAC Meetings will resume in Fall 2022.

Current Members

Sherry Velte, Director of Children’s Center- 

Sandra Gallardo, ASI Executive Director -

Lexi Hallum, PAC Coordinator -

Haley Myers Dillon, Director, Parents & Families Program -

Faith Soltero, Vice President of Finance –

Theresa Gropp, Teacher –

Bena Arao, Staff/Faculty Parent -

Katie Swedo, Student Parent –

Chelsea Owens, Student Parent

Emily Duesbury, Student Parent -