ASI Baraiya Textbook Reimbursement Grant

ASI Baraiya Textbook Reimbursement program


Looking to offset the high cost of textbooks? The ASI Baraiya Textbook Reimbursement Program was created to help you!  Your student government allocated $5,000 per semester to help Sacramento State students to ease the financial strain of buying textbooks. The Reimbursement Program will help students up to $100 each semester for a textbook(s), on a “first-come, first-served” approach until the funds are exhausted during the application period.

Part of Associated Students, Inc.’s mission is to provide experiential education, leadership opportunities, and support services to a growing community. 

NOTE: Due to limited funding, not all eligible applicants will be awarded.

Program starts Fall 2024 so mark your calendars

Application Requirements and Guidelines

Eligibility Requirement

  1. Applicants must be registered students (minimum undergraduate 6 units, graduate 4 units).
  2. To be reimbursed, you must upload your current class schedule as of the semester census date from the Student Center with your full name shown and student id number.
  3. You Must submit original receipts (receipts must be itemized and online receipts must have purchase summary showing a date applicable to the current semester.)
  4. Must upload your class syllabus for each textbook purchased.
  5. Reimbursement will be made through ASI Accounting Services following our the current financial policy.


  1. Students can only be reimbursed for textbooks, eBooks, rental textbooks, and access codes. School supplies are not included in the reimbursement program.
  2. ASI is not responsible for any book(s) lost or stolen.
  3. Any purchases without documentation (schedule, syllabi and original receipts) WILL NOT be considered for reimbursement.
  4. The reimbursement amount will be reported to the Financial Aid as required by CSU policy.


  1. The application for the ASI Textbook Scholarship Reimbursement Program will open during the 5th week of fall and spring semesters, following the census. The application will remain open until the end of the 5th week, allowing students 7 calendar days to apply.
  2. After the application deadline, members of the program will commence the evaluation process, which is expected to take approximately 10 business days (or as appropriate for the number of applications received).
  3. Students needs to purchase textbooks  prior to submitting application with original receipts.
  4. Only textbooks required for a class (specified by the syllabus) are eligible for reimbursement; other books or school supplies are not covered.
  5. Reimbursement amount will be funded two (2) weeks after the award notification has been sent.
  6. Applications received after the deadline WILL NOT be given consideration.
  7. Members of the ASI Board of Directors are ineligible.
  8. No student may receive more than one  reimbursement per academic year.