Presidential Ticket

Presidential Ticket


Nataly Andrade-Dominguez & Gabriel Conejo Gallegos

Position: President & Executive Vice President

Slogan: One Hive for All!

Instagram: @onehiveforall

Candidate Statement:

Hi Hornets! Our names are Nataly Andrade-Dominguez and Gabriel Conejo Gallegos, and we’re running for ASI President and Executive Vice President. We are running for reelection with energy and experience to serve every Hornet. As two underrepresented people of color coming from immigrant families, we understand the academic and social obstacles in our institutions that prevent us from succeeding. As first-generation students, we have experienced firsthand the struggles of navigating a system without guidance. Poverty, trauma, and discrimination plagued our childhoods but fueled our passion to serve our community and create positive change. Throughout our time here at Sac State, we’ve been involved in many different aspects of the campus as students and as members of the ASI Board of Directors, Honors Program, and Best Buddies. We are persistently pushing for further progress, building upon the changes we’ve already made. Our accomplishments during our tenure include: Lead advocate on establishing a Basic Needs Center, set to open in Fall 2024. Successfully advocated and secured more space for the ASI Food Pantry. Co-created the 10-point plan with President Wood to minimize the effects of the Tuition increase. Secured over $70,000 in donations for the ASI food pantry and other student organizations on campus. Creating a welcoming environment for all students including students with disabilities by being a part of Best Buddies. Fundraised over $1,000 in 8 days for the Out of the Darkness Walk, helping spread awareness and support for mental health initiatives on campus. We are committed to ensuring that the student voice is heard. We want to bridge the equity gap between the students, faculty, and administration. So together let’s fight against injustice and inequality on campus. We deserve a campus that is welcoming to all, not just a select few. We are not going to back down, so we hope to see all of you supporting us on election day. Hornets come from all around the globe, from all different stages of life, and from every background. Here’s to creating: One Hive for All!