Presidential Ticket

Presidential Ticket




Position: President & Executive Vice President

Slogan: Achieve together

Instagram: @adoreilandchris4prez

Candidate Statement:

Hey Horents we are Adoreil  Ayoubgoulan & Christopher Gill and we are running to serve as your ASI President & Vice President. Our involvement on campus ranges from working housing, student health and housing, Director of College of Arts and Letters on ASI, as a First Year Experience Peer Mentor, being an orientation leader, along with working for clubs and committees. Through our constant involvement we have encountered students of all majors, races, ethnicities and sexual orientations. Through these conversations we have been identified numerous problems in our university ranging from sexual assaults on campuses, mental health issues, faculty to student issues , communication issues across campuses partners, issues with academic advising classes and academic success, unsanitary dinning conditions for our residents of North Village, as well as numerous other issues that we will strive to addresses if elected. Our mission is to hold faculty and university staff accountable to CSU standards to avoid any barriers students may have. During our time in office, we will advocate for student success, more accountability of Campus Police Department, stronger sexual assault and mental health resources, along with breaking down barriers that might hinder a students academic success, including addressing the housing and food insecurity crises that is rampant on our campus. We hope to count on your vote on election day April 12-13.  As always Stingers Up!



Position: President & Executive Vice President

Slogan: work with you, 4 you

Instagram: @natalyandveronica4asi

Candidate Statement: 

Hi Hornets! Our names are Nataly Andrade-Dominguez and Veronica Boulos and we’re running for ASI President and Executive Vice President. As two underrepresented women of color, we understand the academic obstacles in our institutions that prevent us from succeeding. As first-generation students, we have experienced, firsthand, the struggles of navigating a system without guidance. Throughout our time here at Sac State, we’ve been involved in many different aspects of the campus as students and as members of the ASI Board of Directors. We both stepped foot on campus with a passion for student issues and a dedication to resolving those issues. Experiences like these are part of the many reasons why we started our journey with ASI through committees. We joined many committees like Student Academic Senate, Lobby Corps, City Ambassadors, Wellness, Safety and Sexual Assault, and more. We continued our dedication to serving the student body and advocating for student needs by running for office. After running our individual campaigns, we served as the Vice President of Academic Affairs (Nataly) and Director of Social Science and Interdisciplinary Studies (Veronica). Collectively, we’ve worked on issues relating to mental health, basic needs, diversity & inclusion, campus safety, and academic issues. We’ve advocated for higher education issues on a campus level by writing legislation and on a CSU level through our California State Student Association. I, Nataly, have passed legislation on bills that created an easier pathway for transfer students seeking admission to the CSU and UC system. While also advocating for basic needs by working with administration to ensure basic needs resources are adequately resourced for the student population. I, Veronica, have authored multiple pieces of legislation with a focus on inclusivity. As a middle eastern woman, I wrote resolutions in support of the Iranian community during the protests and Prop 1 to add reproductive rights to the California Constitution. Through our years of experience in advocacy, student government, and connections with administration, faculty, and staff, we have seen firsthand the issues that students are facing and the barriers that are blocking students from pursuing their education. Working hand in hand with administration and faculty has familiarized us with the proper pathways to resolve these issues. We are committed to ensuring that the student voice is heard. We want to bridge the equity gap between the students, faculty, and administration. Most importantly, we have a shared mission to serve the students at Sac State with our experience as students and ASI Board Members. Through our experience on the board, we’ve started the conversations and the push for safety, mental health, and diversity on campus. We would continue to address these issues through the President and Executive VP positions next year. All while ensuring that the student voice is being considered every step of the way. We have the experience to lead, the passion to advocate, and the dedication to serve.



Position: President & Executive Vice President

Slogan: 1 Nest Many Hornets

Instagram: @thenestticket

Candidate Statement:

Our names are Emilie Jocson and Bashaar Allathkani and we are running for President and Executive Vice President. Since 2019, I have been an active community organizer and youth advocate in my local community in the Philippines, as well as on the national level by pushing for gender equality, environmental protection, and human rights throughout the country. At Sac State, I’ve continued advocating for LGBTQI+ rights by volunteering for events at the Pride Center such as Pride Fair 2022. Through my experiences as an international student on campus, I’ve come to appreciate the diversity of the campus population and the importance of feeling of belonging in a community. Especially for those who consider campus as their second home, I want to make sure that each student is not only well-equipped to navigate campus but to also navigate their career. My first step as President to make sure that all transfer, first-year and international students are directed to the resources on campus. From thereon out enhance political participation and awareness on campus with the ultimate goal of creating more social support systems, not just for students but for faculty and other communities on campus.