Presidential Ticket

Presidential Ticket



Position: President & Executive Vice President

Slogan: Representing Equity

Instagram: @martywaltersforasi

Presidential Ticket

Candidate Statement:

Sac State wants to “redefine the possible,” but it takes more than one person’s voice to make a difference. We need campus-wide collaboration and community backing to move forward with change. My name is Noah Marty, and I am teaming up with Donna “BasicTaq” Walters to make this happen. As the current Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) Vice President of University Affairs, voting member for the California State Student Association, former Vice President of Outreach and current Political Director for student organizations both here on campus and statewide, I have gained experience at multiple levels of student government and club leadership. I’ve also held a position at every level of ASI, starting as an interested student, then committee member, next an intern, then a staff member and committee chair, and now in my current role as an Executive on the ASI Board of Directors. I’ve seen this organization from every angle and want to ensure our student leaders have the support they need to succeed. With Donna’s experience as ASI’s Interim Executive Vice President and current ASI Director of Business Administration, a 2020 Dean’s Award Recipient, and major player in bringing a thriving esports scene to our campus and the Big Sky Athletic Conference, she not only knows what is needed to reduce barriers and create environments where student voices are actively heard, but she puts ideas into motion and takes action to represent the underrepresented. We are the most qualified team, because in our current roles we are both already actively making improvements to campus life and higher education. As the new ASI President and Executive Vice President (EVP), we will be able to further our efforts and create larger spaces for all students to be heard. Whether representation means advocating at the Capitol to expand support for housing and homelessness, reform financial aid, or taking student feedback directly to the highest levels at Sac State, we will work to support all Sac State students’ needs equitably. As your President and EVP, we will always welcome questions about our roles in ASI and our efforts to promote inclusivity. We plan to implement policies to provide better support for student clubs and organizations so that student leaders can successfully grow their communities. We will increase both academic and career opportunities by working towards addressing impaction, increasing access to alumni networks, and providing strong leadership to the college directors on our ASI Board. We are dedicated to continuing our efforts towards advancing the support of basic needs and student safety initiatives by collaborating with more departments across campus. Finally, we promise to engage our campus members through a larger and more active ASI presence, and ensure all our business is as transparent as possible to our students. On April 15th and 16th, we ask that you vote for us so that we can continue to strengthen our collective voice, enact the change that is needed for better representation, and serve all Sac State students equitably.

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