Presidential Ticket

Presidential Ticket


Samantha A. Elizalde and Joseph W. Sais



Position: President & Executive Vice President

Slogan: Leaders Who Listen

Instagram: @elizaldeandsaisforasi

Candidate Statement:

Hello Hornets! My name is Samantha A. Elizalde and I am joined by Joseph W. Sais. Together we are running to be your next ASI President and Executive Vice President.

This past year has presented challenges to our campus community like no other and has highlighted the importance of equitable representation in all spaces. This pandemic exasperated the struggles that students face at Sacramento State and throughout the CSU system; from issues of access and resources to dealing with racial injustices in our country.

Returning to campus will not be easy and the transition back to in person should be safe for all. We will continue to face challenges with the unknown, but it is crucial that the student voice is amplified and is brought to the table where decisions are made to find unified solutions.

During my time at Sacramento State, I have been able to serve students in various capacities. I ran for the ASI Board of Directors two years in a row, and served as ASI Director of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies during the 2019-2020 academic year, ASI Vice President of Academic Affairs in fall 2020, and now ASI Executive Vice President. While being on the board, I have dedicated my efforts to gaining a better grasp of the challenges our students face. Successful initiatives that I have been a part of are the Fall 2020 Convocation, advocating for Credit/No Credit, and campus voting efforts. I have also advocated for access to food and housing through collaboration, drafted a plan to minimize campus food waste to increase sustainability efforts, and increased communication between students, faculty, staff, and administration through committees. My passion is being able to amplify voices and helping students succeed in higher education.

Joseph currently serves as the ASI Director of Arts & Letters and has a passion for showcasing and empowering the voices of Sacramento State. Joseph has spent his time focusing on initiatives that would help students succeed in their academic careers. He has also pushed for spaces for the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ community to have much needed conversations. He collaborated with the PRIDE Center on The Allyship Program to provide space for honest discussions. He has been involved in several antiracism committees such as the A&L Antiracism Work Group, the Antiracism Work Group for Theatre & Dance, and SPACE ( Student Performing Artists Creating Equity.) Through the Student Social Justice and Equity Council, he co-created a fall forum on police presence in the community. He has even successfully advocated for an additional class section, to help students graduate on time. Joseph’s main goal is providing students opportunities to succeed through collaboration and unity.

As President and Executive Vice President, our number one goal is representing and amplifying the student voice. We are running to ensure that students are being heard, are able to return to campus safely, provided with the necessary resources, and are able to overall succeed throughout their time at Sacramento State.

We will be Leaders Who Listen.

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Elizalde & Sais (PRES TICKET)

Michael Beller and Francisco De La Torre

Position: President & Executive Vice President

Slogan: Students First

Instagram: @asistudentsfirst

Candidate Statement:

Hey Hornets! We are Michael Beller and Francisco De La Torre III, we are running to be your next ASI President and Executive Vice President. Currently, we’re active in our campus community by serving in ASI Lobby Corps and as the Vice President of Academic Affairs respectively. A vote for us would ensure that you the students are first. Our platform prioritizes providing equitable resources for those in need and expanding opportunities for we the students. We want to ensure all Sac State students voices are represented and amplified by our position as President and Vice President.

   Hi I’m Michael, a third year majoring in Political Science, minoring in History, and running to be your next ASI President. I am a first-generation college student and have served in several leadership roles at Sac State. I’ve served as a Philanthropy Chairman of Pi Kappa Phi and led the Interfraternity Council as President where I advocated for more risk management. Most recently I served as Resident Advisor for University Housing Services at Riverview Hall. During my tenure as a RA I was a leader to a variety of students both traditional and transfer students, who I provided guidance and introduced them to our resources. If elected your President I would ensure you all a leader who will be innovative and creative to find the tools necessary for student success.

    I’m Francisco and I am striving to become your EVP. I’m a third year Political Science major, with a Global Engagement & Leadership minor. My current ASI experience as Vice President of Academic Affairs has taught me representation and because of this I would be honored to continue to represent you as EVP. Additionally, my time as President of the Environmental Student Organization showed me what it takes to have effective communication that produces results. Similarly, serving on the UNION/WELL Board of Directors as a student representative, I am familiar with how our campus departments operate and how to effectively represent student voices in these spaces. Finally, I intern at Sacramento City Hall where I research policy. As the grandchild of immigrants, it was clear to me early that I needed work twice as hard to become a successful first-generation student. To do so, I chose to be a part of Sacramento State’s Honors Program which has allowed me to represent my community on campus. My various levels of campus involvement have prepared me to serve you.

   Our platform will make sure that the student voice is always first to breaking down any barriers on the pathway to academic and career success. We’re aware that during the COVID-19 pandemic student success, access to basic needs like food, housing, internet service, and mental health resources have been challenged. For this reason, we are determined to advocate and support basic needs efforts that will provide students the fundamental necessities. Most importantly we will ensure Sacramento State remains on track for a secure reopening, prioritizing students and members of our community’s safety. A vote for us puts the Students First!

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