Director of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies

Director of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies


Colin Kemp

Position: Director of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies

Slogan: A Leader that Works

Candidate Statement: 

Hello, my name is Colin Kemp, and I’m running for the Director of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies. I’m currently a junior at Sacramento State and am a member of the College Democrats and Ski and Snow Clubs. I also serve as an Economic Development and Housing Commissioner for my hometown of West Sacramento, and work as a Legislative Intern at the CA State Capitol. As an intern, I’ve assisted with a bond proposal that exceeds $15.6 billion. As a Commissioner, I’ve made decisions on everything ranging from the building of new apartment units to the approval of funds for new sidewalks. Right now, it is apparent that Sac State needs a new direction in its student government. My plans, if elected, are simple. We need to divest from the student leaders, including me, and start awarding more money to the clubs and organizations that make our campus great. This means that I would work to cap ASI Director Scholarships and re-invest that money into our clubs, with the creation of a special fund for Greek Life and Sport Clubs. I would also work on improving lighting and adding cameras across our campus to provide a safer environment for students and faculty. I will also work on establishing accountability for ASI and Student Leadership and creating better information systems for you, which has been sorely lacking. If you want an experienced leader who knows how to get things done, vote for me this April 10th through 11th.