Director of Graduate Students

Director of Graduate Studies


Urvashi Babbar

Position: Director of Graduate Studies

Slogan: Grow To Change


Candidate Statement: 


My name is Urvashi Babbar and I am excited to be running for your Director of Graduate Studies. This role would allow me to have an extensive student outreach capacity which will help me advocate for all of you. I will continue adding my contribution in making CSUS a fair, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all grad students.

Some of my future goals include but are not limited to:

1. Covid has created more barriers in communication and made it difficult to feel involved in the community especially for new students. Hence, activities will be undertaken or strengthened to help amplify the needs of graduate students and professionals, increase students’ academic motivation and skills through long-term involvement in collaborative University programs, and familiarize students with the University’s opportunities and resources through on-campus/virtual programs.

2. To facilitate a positive transition to campus, academic-advising services will be provided to new students.

3. Strategies to foster a positive and supportive campus community will include opportunities for dialogue, education, cultural enrichment, and for sharing information and addressing concerns.

Please consider my belief in under-promising, and over-delivering.

Also, thank you for your outcome-shaping vote in helping to create CSUS/ASI future defined by empathy and partnership!

Thank you for being you!!

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