Director of Graduate Students

Director of Graduate Studies



Position: Director of Graduate Studies

Slogan: Vote Moon for ASI

Instagram: @dylos_moon   Twitter: @Dylos_Moon​

Director of Graduate Studies

Candidate Statement: 

My name is Robert Moon, and I am running to be the next Director of Graduate Studies. I am a first-semester graduate student in Communication Studies who did my undergrad at Sacramento State as well. Despite being a graduate student, I am also a high school dropout who has overcome challenges in my life. After graduating from Modesto Junior College, I welcomed my beautiful daughter into the world. As a high school dropout being here at Sacramento State has been a great opportunity for me. On campus, I am part of the Anime & Manga Society and the Japan Club. I also spent the last two semesters writing for The State Hornet. Spending the last two semesters with The State Hornet made me realize that I wanted to be more involved on campus. As the next Director of Graduate Studies, I hope to make a difference at Sacramento State to help current and future graduate students. With this semester’s difficulties related to the coronavirus, it’s more important now than ever to make sure that your voice is heard on campus. If elected, I will make sure that the concerns of graduate students are heard to the best of my abilities and I will always be available to my fellow students. If being a part of The State Hornet taught me anything it taught me that students have a lot of concerns and don’t always have the information necessary to understand the issues at hand. I will do my best to make sure that Sacramento State remains welcoming to all students and especially graduate students. Vote Moon and together we’ll reach for the stars

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