Director of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Director of Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Isha Bindal

Position: Director of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Slogan: Up & Atom!

Instagram: @voteishafornsm

Candidate Statement:

My name is Isha Bindal & I am running for Director of Natural Sciences & Mathematics. I am running for this year’s elections as I want to be the voice & representative of the NSM hornet community. I’m an international student from India, & since my first day on campus, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a strong group of advisors & mentors from the NSM & IPGE departments helping me through this major transition of adapting to the college education system. I acknowledge the privilege that I had access to,& I want to be able to help other students find the best resources available on campus to enable their potential to the fullest. I want to give back to the Sacramento State community as a thank you, by promoting a healthy & motivating campus environment that pushes students to strive for excellence,& becoming the best version of themselves. I hope to act as a catalyst to inspire this group of extraordinary and diverse students, by being the change they want to see on campus. I want us all to move together towards a bright future and take on the challenges that the world has to offer in our stride, which is why my slogan says – “Up and Atom!” (At-them).I believe that I can help give a concrete shape to the aspirations of my fellow hornets in the NSM community by being their director. Please vote on April 7 & 8.I am hoping that you will vote for me, because I firmly believe that I will do justice to this position. Allow me the opportunity to serve you so that together we can add more jewels to the ever glittering crown of Sac State.

Candidate Endorsements:

Honors Program Students

Phi Mu

Candidate Expenditure:

Bindal, Isha (NSM)