Director of Undeclared Students

Director of Undeclared Students


Shachee Baraiya

Position: Director of Undeclared Students

Slogan: Vision with ACTION



Candidate Statement: 

My name is Shachee Baraiya, and I am excited to seek election to be an ASI Director of Undeclared majors. I am an international student from India, which means I bring diverse perspectives to the door of our community. I am a junior who expressed interest in general management but hoping to get accepted in Management Information System (MIS) by end of the April 2022. I have spent my two years of college developing my skills to represent students by being a leader and I am looking forward to using them on the ASI Board of Directors. 
I have been on ASI Committee for a year now which helps me in the decision-making process. Being a member of the ASI Committee, I used to acknowledge the membership of ASI, understand and allocate the budget, and, most importantly, balance the various passionate interests that make up ASI. I believe my education, experience within the community, management background, and communication with students will add positively to the mix on the Board of Directors. I would love to be a voice of students and intend to build an excellent student government by making a difference. Likewise, I would love to help undeclared/expressed interest students to choose the career path they desire and motivate by making a bridge of resources to them. I like to get involved in our community and know what is happening, either by participating in or reading about various topics, issues, and events.
Part of the role of Director of Undeclared majors is to hold office hours for students, for priorities, I would contact to different people on campus and set up meetings. I want to create powerful communication with students by listening their issues and then understand what I can do for them. I support those who need it the most and beyond that, I would connect them with deans of the different departments to reach out. I want a solid and insightful vision with action which makes it a powerful reality and provide opportunities for students for their careers. I AM your candidate who believes in ASI and will diligently support the ASI. So, on April 6 and 7, please VOTE for Shachee because I believe, together we can win and invest for our future community.

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