Director of Undeclared Students

Director of Undeclared Students


Dhruvisha Budhani

Position: Director of Undeclared Students

Slogan: Decade of CHANGE

Instagram: @dhruvisha4undeclared

Twitter: @dhruvi9090

Candidate Statement: 

Hello, My name is Dhruvisha Budhani and I am running for Director of Undeclared students. I am currently a sophomore and undeclared exploring business majors. I am currently serving on few internal ASI committees, serving as a student at large to bring a fresh perspective. I am also an international student not only diversifying but also bringing a new perspective to discussions. I served on the board for my middle school in India and it turned out to be a great year of learning and adapting to change. As Director of Undeclared students, I would like to direct all my peers to proper resources and help them explore what they are passionate about. A New Decade brings new CHANGES and I would help all students, like me, through those decisions. I would dedicate my time to all students who need personal help as well as be your voice on the board and make sure you see the change you deserve. I believe I am the best shot you got, so please vote!

Candidate Endorsements

Sanskruti Indian Cultural Group

Candidate Expenditure

Budhani, Dhruvisha (UND)