Director of Arts and Letters

Director of Arts and Letters


Aladria Brown

Position: Director of Arts and Letters

Slogan: Change as one.


Candidate Statement: 

Hi, my name is Aladria Brown, and I am running for Director of Arts and Letters. I have lived in Sacramento my entire life and I am fulfilling my dreams by going to Sacramento State. I have participated in the most recent play last semester Love & Information. Through that amazing process, it has come to my attention that I should get even more involved in this lovely campus. I’ve always wanted to get involved and this is my chance to make real change while listing to my fellow students that want a voice. The first step of business for me is getting a panel together to hear what exactly the students in my art and letters department want. I want to hear all opinions on the direction of this department every opinion good and bad. Because they all matter to me personally.  Lastly, I will keep the ASI Board fully informed about issues we as a department want to highlight and be discussed among University committees. I hope on April 7th and 8th, you all vote not just in my department but all departments. It is with much excitement I ask you to vote for me because I am the candidate that will implement the most change for the students.

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Brown, Aladria (AL)