Director of Arts and Letters

Director of Arts and Letters


Djuan McCraney

Position: Director of Arts & Letters

Slogan: Vote for D.J.U.A.N.

Instagram: @djuan4directora3l

Buzly: Djuan4Director

Candidate Statement:

Hello! My name is Djuan McCraney, a third year film major who is running to be your next College of Arts and Letters Director. I have been involved on campus since I started in-person during my sophomore year, joining Black Student Union and the Collegiate 100. Not only am I still an active member within these clubs and organizations, I now serve on the board as the activities coordinator for BSU as well as joined the Allied Students for Justice. These three entities are aimed to elevate the student experience here at Sacramento State and that will be my main goal as your director. Being a multifaceted individual I see myself aligning with what the College of Arts and Letters embodies; diverse thought, creativity, and open-mindedness thus, I stand strong in my ability to not only be your representative but a representative of quality. Admittingly, I wasn’t aware that there was an Arts and Letters student representative until this spring and was surprised this was a shared notion. So, my first goal if I am elected is to bring attention to the fact that students do have a voice and ability to make change on campus for our college. From there I ensure we will collaboratively work together to address the issues each program is facing no matter how big or small. So vote for diversity, justice, unity, action, and nobility (D.J.U.A.N.) on April 10th and 11th.