Vice President of University Affairs

Vice President of University Affairs


Garima Sharma

Position: Vice President of University Affairs

Slogan: Know, Act, and, Win


Candidate Statement: 

Student voice, it is one of the strongest driving forces. My name is Garima Sharma and I am running for the position of Vice President of University Affairs. I am a third-year student and I got involved with ASI as a first-year. I served on committees, volunteered, and am serving as a board member for Spring of 2022. I am also a student coordinator for New Student Orientation, meeting with over 10,000 students every year as a team. I have served as a board member for 6 clubs on campus so far. I volunteered with Unique programs for three-years. I share all this to create the trust that I have a wide network with students. I have met the students and learnt their struggles, helped them connect to the best of my abilities. Over the years, I have realized that students don’t know their resources, they don’t know the power they have- their voice. With all my networks I intend to reach out to the students. I want to help them know the strength of student voice, get them connected and have them steer their college experience towards success.  

I want to be your representing body on the board to help you lead towards the change you want to see and succeed.  

I hope you will vote for me this April 6 and April 7 so I can help you have a great college experience.

Candidate Endorsements

National Society of Black Engineers

The Hive CSUS

Sacramento State Esports Sport Club

Public Relations Student Society of America

Women in Business

American Concrete Institute

Samahang Pilipino

Baseball Club

Arab Student Union

Math Club

Muslim Student Association

Society of Women Engineers

Anime & Manga Society

Lexa Estrella

Lexa Estrella

Position: Vice President of University Affairs

Slogan: Empowered Together

Instagram: @_lexa_yeline_ 

Candidate Statement: 

Hello, my name is Alexandra Estrella and I am running for Vice President of University Affairs. As a first-generation student and immigrant, pursuing my education has been my priority. I want to help my community and kids around the world have access to education. I am double majoring in Political Science and International Relations because my goal is to work in education internationally through the United Nations. Knowing how politics works will help me understand how to create a more inclusive education system. I am committed, well organized, open-minded, and optimistic.

I am running for office with the goal of making students feel comfortable and understand what they’re passionate about. I plan to create a more inclusive environment, recruit students to get more involved, and strengthen mental health resources. I want to motivate students to join committees they are passionate about so that we can advocate creating a better, more inclusive environment on campus. As someone who started college mid-pandemic, I know how hard it can be to get involved on campus. I will prioritize mental health resources so that students can perform better in their classes. 

I am a leader who prefers to take a step back and hear what everyone has to say to better understand and make informed decisions as a leader. 
Don’t be hesitant, Vote Estrella for the Vice President of University Affairs to be empowered together.

Candidate Endorsements