Vice President of Finance

Vice President of Finance


Dhruvisha Budhani

Position: Vice President of Finance

Slogan: Get Set, Growth

Instagram: @dhruvisha4vpf

Candidate Statement:

My name is Dhruvisha Budhani and I am running for Vice President of Finance. I am a junior,  Business Administration major with an emphasis on Business Analytics and Management Information Systems. I currently serve as ASI Director of Undeclared Students and work as a Member Services and Experience Lead at The WELL. I serve on committees like Friends of Library, University Sustainability Steering Committee, Student Fee Advisory Committee, and chair the Student Marketing and Outreach committee. The committee has decided to promote basic need resources and collaborate with CARES to hold a ‘Basic Needs Resource Fair’ this semester. I am one of the hosts on the podcast “We Are ASI”. I am also VP of Administration for the Business Analytics club. During the past year, I have developed and worked on a lot of projects and I wish to continue it forward.
If elected, I will continue my work in promoting basic need resources by collaborating with various programs on-campus, so students in need can take some financial burden off of themselves and focus on education. Additionally, I will ensure that there are students appointed in the right committees and there is a smooth allocation of the ASI budget. I will also encourage students to take part in the discussion and be their voice if necessary. As someone, who is currently on the board and has experience in student government during middle school, I believe I will be the best fit for this position, so please vote for me on April 6th and 7th and get your voice heard.

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