Director of Education

Director of Education



Position: Director of Education

Slogan: never be silenced

Candidate Statement: 

My name is Danielle Cochrane and I am running for Director of Education. I am a first-generation college student, similar to many of you. I knew early on that I wanted to work with kids and help guide them to become compassionate, hard working citizens of society. I have volunteered at the ASI Children’s Center and have worked with children for about 4 years. Through my experiences on campus, I know how important it is to stay connected and be involved in the many decisions that are made. I want to represent the students so that as one we can always let our voices be heard. I want to dedicate my time to not only represent the student body, but to serve you, as a student. It is my ultimate goal to support you students through your experiences on campus, to try to change or maintain our campus being a positive and safe space for all, and to make sure all your voices are heard. I care deeply about this University and am eager to make it better. My experiences working with kids has shaped me into a positive, approachable, understanding, and flexible individual that is eager to make an impact. It has also shown me the value of making relationships with others that allow us to help each other grow. My dream to be an educator often highlights that children are our future, but students are also valuable assets in our community. It would be a privilege to be able to serve the students of the community so that we can build a better future and continue to help each other to succeed and thrive

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