Director of Education

Director of Education


Faith Vodak

Position: Director of Education

Slogan: Help see the Vision

Instagram: @lyricv28

Candidate Statement: 

My name is Faith Vodak, and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the position of Director of Education. As a dedicated teacher for the last four years and an active member of Sac State’s Students with Disabilities Center, I bring a unique perspective and commitment to this role. Being blind has not hindered my dedication to learning about campus resources and engaging with my fellow students. Through my teaching experience, I’ve developed strong skills in effective communication, teamwork, and strategic planning. If elected, I will leverage these strengths to ensure that students and staff receive the support and tools necessary for educational success. My goal is to cultivate a collaborative environment where everyone’s concerns and aspirations are heard. In my role as Director of Education, I will invest my time in implementing positive change by collaborating with students, faculty, and staff. Let’s work together to shape the future of education at Sac State.