Director of Education

Director of Education


Zabdiel (Z) Mejia Diaz

Position: Director of Education

Slogan: Education is Success


Candidate Statement: 

Hello everyone, my name is Zabdiel Mejia Diaz (He/Him/His/El). I’m a first-generation, third-year student here at Sac State majoring in Child Development with a focus on Special Education. Growing up as an undocumented student has been challenging because barriers exist that potentially stop my progress. It can be frustrating because there is so little I can do. I realized during those challenging times that there came a period where I had to begin advocating for myself. Fortunately, I gained experience over time and awareness of the changes needed, for example, higher budgets, more teacher assistance, and accessibility of resources for students. 

I grew up with a brother diagnosed with autism at a young age, and there were times when my mom and I would advocate for his classroom needs. We saw how they were not receiving the right amount of support, whether it was financial or physical. I began my journey to help students because I wish to provide support to all students that unfortunately weren’t able to have. My career goal is to work in a school district to make positive and necessary changes to support students with special needs. As the Director of Education, I want to advocate for those who struggle to be heard and help make resources more accessible to everyone because Education is Success.

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