Director of Health and Human Services

Director of Health and Human Services



Position: Director of Health and Human Services

Slogan: #hivehearted

Instagram: Alejandro_b_

Candidate Statement: 

My name is Alejandro Buenrostro and I am running to be your next Director of Health and Human Services. I am a bay area native by birth, a Sacramentonian by choice, and hornet by virtue. I am equipped with a plethora of leadership skills and experiences to aid me in my mission to better not only the College of Health and Human Services but Sacramento State as a whole. In my time at Sac State I have seen us excel in so many different arrays from sports to academics, however, I am someone who holds the conviction that more can always be done. With that being said, If given the opportunity, I would love to address topics such as: diminishing financial burdens, safety concerns, inequality, and low student/community engagement. The Executive Director of Communications position I held at my community college has given me an abundance of experience when handling: issues facing the student body, how to effectively assuage such issues, proactively identifying concerns, conducting advocacy work, ensuring equality, and promoting personal and academic success. Additionally my officer roles in organizations such as Queer-Straight Alliance, Biology Club, and Pre-Nursing Club have instilled within me the management skills to not only run normal routines and operations but be able to provide an enriching experience to my constituents. I am passionate about bettering our lives and experiences as hornets; you can aid me in being #hivehearted in the upcoming election on April 15th and 16th by voting for me. Thank you, sincerely yours, AB.

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