Director of Health and Human Services

Director of Health and Human Services


Chris Campbell

Position: Director of Health and Human Services

Slogan: Health is Wealth


Candidate Statement: 

My name is Chris Campbell and I am running for Director of Health & Human Services. I grew up in Sonoma County and attended the local community college in Santa Rosa before transferring to Sac State to peruse a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and a minor in Global Engagement & Leadership (Honors). Throughout my education I studied an array of different disciplines, I fell in love with science because of the tremendous impact it has in our community. I believe it’s imperative to play an active role in the community. I currently serve on the student Academic Senate and Faculty Policies Committee. While servicing the Sac State community, I advocate for student enrichment programs, lower tuition costs, affordable housing, student-faculty diversity, equity, and inclusion. The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected all our lives and caused feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation. I hope to combat these issues by increasing the social well-being of the Sac State community through various social events and outreach programs. It would be a privilege to represent The College of Health & Human Services. I appreciate your vote!

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